REFURBISHED ePapillon 1000W Light Fixture & Bulb

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Electronics and assimilation lighting has been a topic of discussion and debate for quite some time. A perfect solution is now available. The ePapillon offers many advantages over conventional luminaires. Quite simply, it uses the same amount energy to produce more light. This is achieved by combining a superior reflector (95% efficiency) with the brighter Double Ended 1000 watt EL lamp. Giving the ePapillon package the highest PAR output per watt.
• 1000w adjustable ultra high frequency ballast (Range: 600-1150w).
• Higher density Vega aluminum reflector with only 1% annuel depreciation.
• Patented open reflector design increases effiency to 95%, promoting longer bulb life due to reduced heat build up.
• lncludes: Double Ended 1000w EL lamp.
• Driver efficiency> 95%.
• Sealed housing with Gore-Tex ventilation plug allows for extreme air pressure fluxuation.
• Lamp & Reflector easily replaceable.
• 3 Year warranty on fixture, 1 year on bulb


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