Centurion PRO Table Top Electropolished Dry Tumbler

$599.00 $550.00

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The Dry Tumbler is an elite CenturionPro product that maximizes productivity using elite trimming technology. This highly sought after product is a leader in the dry flower trimming industry using its sleek electropolished finish and design.

The Dry Tumbler is incredibly user-friendly when aligned with Centurion commercial weed trimmers. This innovative product reduces clean up time and requires minimal maintenance. It is ultra resistant to damage and maximizes your profits with its rapid pace. This is a must have within the dry trimming industry and you’ll love its efficient precision cutting.

CenturionPro offers you the advantage of superior medical trimming technology via its option of the Dry Tumbler. This product extends to the idea that time is money, which is why our product is made of durable, weather-resistant material that surpass the quality of competitors. The Dry Tumbler is compatible with the Centurion Tabletop Pro.



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