4x4ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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4x4ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System


Auto Grow has put together the long-awaited 4′ x 4′ LED Hydro Complete Grow Tent Kit. Our expert gardening staff tailored a field-tested dual LED grow light panel system to this setup and a fully automated hydroponic system. Grow 30% more crops with half the time!

We outfitted this grow tent system with the fully automated Oxygen Pot System where you can grow 6 adult size plants with ease. Spend less time tending to your garden and allow the self-feeding system to do the work for you. It’s easy to install and program with weekly reservoir refills to help replenish water and nutrients.

This system also helms Advance Spectrum MAX S450 LED Grow Light Panels to ensure full lighting coverage in your 16 sq ft. grow area. The combination of 2 LED grow lights allow for maximum coverage and benefits from energy saving technology which produces less heat, longevity, and saves you money.

All other essential equipment is provided in this grow tent kit. You receive a complete environmental system, a starter nutrient package, odor filtration, and timers to automate lighting and watering.

 It’s an easy to setup grow system at an affordable price.

Product Details:

4′ x 4′ Yield Lab Grow Tent

Yield Lab Grow Tents are an affordable solution to growing without compromising quality. The 600D thread count mylar fabric makes these tents extremely strong and with the 95% reflective interior and light proof zippers means there will be no lost light.

The solid metal locking frame has reinforced connections at the corners and will support over 200 lbs. of equipment. The thick 19 mm poles are powder coated for added durability and are easy to assemble with self snapping locks.

The design of these grow tents was thought out carefully with the placement of the electrical cord ports and airtight ducting ports for air-cooled reflectors as well as a ventilation system.

This tent has a large front door with a velcro strap to hold back the door while you are working.

The mesh vents located on each side of the tent allow for airflow without letting any foreign pests or particles into the environment. The easy view window located on the front makes checking on your plants easy without having to open up the tent.

All windows and vents in this tent have an air-tight velcro lining so no air or light can pass through.


 LED Grow Light System:

Advance Spectrum MAX S450 LED Grow Light Panel

A robust yield master packaged into a 28.5” x 11” x 3” panel. The LED grow light panel is tailored to provide wall to wall lighting in the 4’ x 4’ grow tent. Packed with performances that beat a standard 600w HID light setup, here are just a few highlights:

  • Grow an even plant canopy. With 6′ 6″ height in this grow tent system, cultivating a specific crop can grow unevenly if you don’t provide a balanced intensity of light throughout your garden.

    The Advance Spectrum MAX S450 LED grow light panel will give you that even lighting to ensure a stout growing experience.

  • Emits the perfect spectrum your plants thrive under. LED technology is so advanced that you can pick and choose the right wavelength of light (blues, reds, oranges, greens, etc.; it’s like picking the colors you need out of a rainbow) that plants need to grow.

    With that, this LED grow light emit a true full spectrum which means the colors are specifically chosen to maximize your crop’s growth potential.

  • Keep your grow tent cool. LED grow lights produce less heat than your standard HID grow light. Less heat means better conditions to control your grow environment.

    You will also use less energy to keep your temperatures and humidity at their ideal levels. Less heat = Less energy = Saves $$$.

  • 50,000+ hour lifespan.

  • 3 Year Warranty.

Hydroponic System:

Oxygen Pot Multi Flow 6 Site Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System

Automation? Check. Easy to operate? Check. The Oxygen Pot Multi-Flow 6 Site Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System is a hydroponic setup that has completely revolutionized the way people choose to grow indoors. The 4′ by 4′ grow tent system is accompanied with the 6 bucket system to maximize the space but more importantly, to give you a true sense of control.

  • Hold your nutrient enriched water in a 60 gallon reservoir tank. This tank is collapsible when not in use and easy to move and store when needed.
  • Allow more oxygen to the roots of your plants + great draining features with the aerated fabric grow pots that sit deep inside the durable green buckets.
  • Water your plant without ever needing to pick up a watering cantine. The controller module (aka ‘brain bucket’) lets you control when your plants need to be watered.

    We recommend once a day during the early stages of growth (1-3 weeks) and then twice a day once it becomes larger.

Grow Medium:

PLANT!T Super Coarse Perlite

Each particle of perlite is sterile with a neutral pH and contains many tiny, closed cells or bubbles. Its surface holds moisture and nutrients and make them available to plant roots. The physical shape of each particle, air passages are formed, providing optimum aeration and drainage. Because perlite is sterile, it is free of disease, seeds, and insects.

Root Royale CocoPure

Root Royale Cocopure is a natural growing medium produced from premium grade coconut husks and has a high water absorption rate that maintains 30% air porosity. It consists of 45% cellulose material which prevents the growing medium from compacting or decomposing. This results in optimum growing conditions for your plants.

 Odor + Heat Removal:

The Yield Lab Fan and Filter combo get a sizeable upgrade in this indoor grow tent system. You get the standard combo of a 440 CFM 6” Yield Lab High Output Fan and Yield Lab 6” Carbon Filter. The package also comes with an extra 6” Yield Lab High Output Fan for your intake. This allows for a consistent environment by exchanging air in your grow tent evenly. You can say goodbye to high heat problems with the extra cooling. All Yield Lab fan controllers, ducting, and clamps are included with this setup.


Nutrients, pH adjusters, and pH + PPM testers

  • Nutrients: The FloraSeries General Hydroponic Complete Nutrient Line is an all-inclusive nutrient package with every macro and micronutrient for your indoor crops.
  • Feeding schedule comes included for both hydroponic and soil grows. This is the best nutrient set for any new and seasoned grower.

  • pH Adjusters: A combo kit for both X Nutrients pH Up and pH Down to adjust your watering and feeding schedule to the perfect acidity levels.

  • pH + PPM Testers are industry standard testing wands that both have an easiy to read LCD monitor, simple calibration process and batteries included. No serious indoor grower leaves home without these testers.

  • Xacto Shot Glass included for accurate nutrient measurement

All Other Components

To go along with your lighting, ventilation system, nutrients, pH kit, and containers, we’ve included a light timer, clip on fan, adjustable light hangers and thermo-hygrometer to keep track of your temperature and humidity.

 BONUS: DVD + Grow Guide E-Book

The Auto Grow Technology Complete Grow Tent Systems are a colossal grow package and guide.

It comes with a 12 week video guide that shows you step by step on how to grow indoors successfully, installation manuals, and a cost-effective indoor grow system tailored to your grow style.

We provide all the information you will ever need to grow seasonal gardens all year long or medical-grade crops. The information in this system offers 10 years worth of cannabis-growing experience in just several days.


The full product is filled with charts and graphs, tables and high-quality pictures that go together to produce a personal bible for indoor gardening.

All this information has been refined to produce an indoor grow system so easy to understand that your granny could grow an amazing first crop.

People are saying the Auto Grow Technology Yield System is brilliant for beginners as well as experienced growers who just need a bit of fine-tuning. This complete grow package is just like one of those book for ‘Dummies’ – but with more information.

 Customer Support & Consultation

When you purchase a grow tent package from Auto Grow you don’t only get great products, you get lifetime customer support from experienced growers themselves. Each one of our customers’ indoor crop matter to us, that’s why we include grow tent assembly instructions, complete package setup instructions and walk through guides with recommendations for each specific package for the best possible growing experience.



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